Band Bios


Rick CrowLead Vocals
as Ronnie Van Zant
Rick brings powerful vocals and southern attitude to the stage. His ability to sing melodically and yet gritty at times allows him to emulate the varying Skynyrd vocals.

Donnie Pendleton — Lead Guitar / Vocals
as Steve Gaines
Donnie offers screaming guitar solos, rock solid rhythm guitar, and an energetic stage presence. He takes no prisoners on stage and really brings the show to the fans. Donnie was awarded “Guitarist of the Year 2013” at the 23rd Annual L.A. Music Awards and “East Texas Guitarist of the Year” in 2012. Donnie is also sponsored by Goulding Guitars and has a signature guitar.

Gen Wilkinson — Lead Guitar
as Allen Collins
Gen is a professional lead guitarist and songwriter who has performed on regional and national stages since the 80’s. Southern rock has always been her genre of choice. Gen’s stage presence and ability to convey emotion through her guitar work is something to be experienced first-hand. Gen is sponsored by Rocky Mountain Slides and has a signature slide.

George Lee — Lead Guitar
as Gary Rossington
Just like Rossington, George offers technical precision on lead guitar by hitting all the leads and fills note for note. You can always count on him to be spot on and deliver the goods.

Larry BomgardnerBass Guitar / Vocals
as Leon Wilkinson
Slapping the bass with his amazingly accurate bass riffs Larry really brings some “thump” to the rhythm section. You will feel it in your bones when that bass line kicks in.

David HeningtonDrums
as Artimus Pyle
David a.k.a. “Captain Crash” is a monster on the drums. His very physical yet precise style of drumming is the perfect fit to play the hard driving Skynyrd songs. He will be heard and he demands attention.

James Kirk HamptonKeyboards / Piano
as Billy Powell
Tickling the ivorys in true honky tonk fashion James puts on a great show for the fans. Whether dishing up a tasty keyboard solo or laying down a solid rhythm he will be sure to impress.

Susan Thomason / Lori YearyBacking Vocals
as “The Honkettes”
These lovely ladies deliver the female backing vocals that Skynyrd fans love on tunes like “That Smell” and “Sweet Home Alabama”. Harmonies never sounded so good!!

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